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Getting around and Excursions | Balinese culture

Getting around
There are many ways to get around in Bali. Daily buses run from north to south and vice versa and are inexpensive. Local public transport consists of small vans, called bemos and motorbike taxis, called ojek.

If you prefer private transport you can rent a car with driver. This allows you to fully enjoy the scenery of Bali. Renting a car with driver is not expensive and the most convenient way to travel Bali.

You can also rent a car or motorbike. However, most rental places do not offer any form of insurance. You also need to have a valid international driver’s license.

There are a lot of things you can do during your stay with us. We have an extensive list of activities to choose from. Below you’ll find a few of them:

Public bus in Bali

Hiking and tracking.
You hike through the hills surrounding Kallisada. Local guides take you to the Mayong track. There are a number of waterfalls you can hike, such as the Munduk, Gitgit, and Singsing falls. Or what about walking to the rice fields around Kalisada?
Taman Barat National Park is not far from Kalisada and you can take several hiking and tracking tours in the park.
We have set out two jogging trails if you like to go for a run. The first trail is approx. 4 km and is easy. The second trail is about 5 km long and includes a number of hills, ideal for the well-trained. We’ve also set out a hiking trail from Villa Mahkai. This trail runs through rice fields, sawas and small local towns (desas). We recommend that you run or hike early morning or just before sunset, when the sun isn’t burning too much. If you decide to run or hike during the day, make sure that you have enough water. Temperatures on the road can easily reach well over 40 degrees in the burning sun.

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Trekking in Bali

The hills around Kalisada are perfect for mountain biking. Together with Bali Outback we organize a number of downhill cycling tours. If you prefer to take it a bit easier you can also take a guided cycling tour around Kalisada. You can customize a tour, so it fits your level of fitness and experience.

If you want to venture out a little further, renting a scooter might be the right thing for you. It’s easy to rent a scooter for a day and not expensive. Daily rental rates ar around 5 Euro per day. Please note that you need a valid international driver’s license to ride a scooter.
We have three interesting courses that lead you through the inlands of Bali. Of course you can also venture out on your own.

Visits to other places in Bali:
There are a lot of places in Bali worth a visit. Go shopping in Kuta and Seminyak, visit the artistic town of Ubud, Visit one of the many temples, such as the century old temple in Bedugul, the beautiful temple in Tanah Lot or the main temple complex in Bekasi. Or just take a guided tour through Bali with our driver.

Diving and snorkeling.
Bali is one of the best places to dive. It offers a wide variety of dive sites with an abundance of aquatic life. The Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben offers an enormous variety of fish and healthy corals and is easy to dive. Other dive sites are Menjangen, Ume Anyar and Amed.

If you like to try diving we can arrange a free try dive in our pool. We work with Arrow Dive ( If you like the activity you can go for you PADI certification, which only takes 3 to 4 days.

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You can snorkel in the Bali sea, right in front of Villa Mahkai. An abundance of fish and corals are there for you to see.

Local fishermen from Lovina can take you on a fishing trip. Depending on the season you might catch tuna, barracuda, or snapper. Since the fishing boats leav from Lovina well before sunrise the fishermen will prepare your breakfast.

You can spot a lot of dolphins in the north of Bali. There are daily dolphin-spotting trips, most of them leaving from Lovina. Boats are equipped with life vests, but don’t worry, the waters in the north of Bali are calm and the outrigger boats very stable. All you need to do is enjoy watching the dolphins playing around your boat.    

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Balinese culture

Your stay at Villa Mahkai is much more than a simple bed and breakfast.

We would like to share with you our love and passion for Bali and its rich culture. That’s why we are more than happy to organize a variety of tours / excursions for you, such as:

  • Visit to a traditional dance school, where children are taught the traditional dances of Bali;
  • Visit to a Gamelan school. Gamelan is the traditional music from Bali. Here you listen to traditional gamelan music and find out the storey that each instrument tells;
  • Introduction to Balinese Hinduism. Learn what Hinduism means to the Balinese, and how it impacts the daily lives of the people.
    An excursion like this takes about half a day and gives you a good introduction in Balinese culture.

Other activities are:

  • Visit some local artists, who show their work at their homes. Their work is inspired by local Balinese cultures;
  • Have your soul cleansed by a local priest and experience the spirit of Balinese Hinduism;
  • Have your fortunes read by a local fortune teller. Find out what the future has in store for you.


At Villa Mahkai you experience Bali and its culture in many ways. We provide you with Balinese cuisine, culture and a taste of Hinduism. Hinduism is very important in the North, and the daily life of the Balinese evolves around it.

The Balinese have many temples, most of them you can visit. In addition, each Balinese family has a family temple, where they bring offerings twice a day.

The Balinese have frequent religious ceremonies, which are very colorful and worthwhile watching. It’s a wonderful experience to watch these ceremonies.

The most important religious days are:

Nyepi, the day of silence, in March; Galungan, every 220 days; Kuningan, every 210 days;

The exact dates are derived from the lunar calendar. In addition, there are many more ceremonies, too many to name them all.

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